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Rahilia Hasanova
Thu, 04/19/12 (1472 days ago)  
From: 08:00 PM To: 09:30 PM  
Location: An die Musik Live

Rahilia Hasanova
Portrait Concert of a Composer and Pianist

Rahilia is an Azerbaijani composer of mostly orchestral and chamber works. Her music has been performed in Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, the UK, and the USA. She will perform her original compositions on piano.

Free admission; we suggest $10 donation


Seven microcosms for piano

CHESHME (the spring)(1984)
Twelve preludes for piano

from piano cycle “Goorama” (2009 – new edition)

SONATA (1993)
for piano

The fantasy for piano


Rahilia Hassanova:
Azerbaijanian composer Rahilia Teymur gizi Hasanova was born on November 10, 1951 in Baku. She studied music and composition theories in the Prof. H. Mirzazade’s class at the Zeynalli Music College of Baku (1968-1972), and later on at the Uz.Hajibeyov Music Academy of Baku in the Prof. Gara Garaev’s class (1972-1977). In 1978, she became a member of the Azerbaijan Composers’ Union. The same year, she started her post-graduate education, and graduated from the Prof. Gara Garayev’s class with the Diploma of Honors.

Since 1987 through 1981 her musical compositions were performed in many cities of the world: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Minsk, and Kiev. Her compositions are known by Canadian, German, Austrian, Swiss, Italian, French and English audience. Such compositions as "Se'ma" and "Pirrebedil" were written by her for a famous Dutch quartet "New Ensemble" and were performed in Holland in 1993 and in 1996. These works were preformed in Amsterdam, Hague, and Utreck.

In her compositions Rahilia Hasanova creates a synthesis of Azerbaijanian and European music by using modern composition techniques. The figurative side of her compositions is related to Eastern philosophy and ethics, and the interaction between macro and micro spaces. She describes her compositions as construction of intonations like “a tree grows from a seed”. Many musicologists state in their articles about Ms. Hasanova that the composer's music strikes with originality and freshness of intonation. The characteristic feature of her creations is the dramatic culminations of both register and dynamics, which are expressed by modal-meditative development. Many of Rahilia Hasanova’s compositions have been performed at festivals and symposiums. In 1998, 1999, and 2000 Hasanova participated at the III, IV and V Symposiums "Donne in Musica" in Italy, where her Sonata for a guitar (1995) and a lot of other works were performed. She also presented several lectures on the Azerbaijanian music in Italy in 1998, 1999 and 2000. She was elected a member of the honorable committee of the Patricia Adkins Chiti’s “Donna in Musica” Foundation.

The composition "Se’ma" was performed in one of the best concert-halls of Amsterdam (Holland) - Tropeninstitut – Grote Zaal - on November 9, 1999 during the World Festival of Sacred Music ("Festival Nieuwe Spirituele Muziek"). The conductor was Ed Spaniard.

In 2000, Hasanova’s music was performed in Holland, Switzerland and Austria as a part of the project called “Millennium 2000” devoted to world’s sacred music. Hasanova’s work was a single creation devoted to Islamic Religious Music during this event.

In 2001, Hassanova visited the United Kingdom to participate in the Chard Festival where she performed her piano music during her solo concert. At the Chard Festival, she also presented a lecture on the Azerbaijanian women-musicians.

Hasanova is also an author of many scientific articles. Some of her compositions made a great contribution to the development of the Azerbaijanian culture including such pieces as Symphony No.1 and No.2 for a big symphonic orchestra (1977, 1980), Symphony No. 3 for chamber staff (1983), "Cheshme" series of preludes for piano (1984), Sextet for string quartet, flute and piano (1988), Sonata for piano (1990), "Gasida" Symphony for organ (1991), Sonata-solo for contrabass (1990), clarinet (1994), guitar (1995), flute (1999), composition "Dervish" for string quarter, tenor and bass (1992), "Marsia" for chamber staff (1993), "Se’ma" for chamber staff (1994), String quarters No. 1 (1974), No. 2 (1992), No. 3 (1995), No. 4 (1997), composition "Dag" for chamber staff (1995), Fantasy for piano "Alla meykhana" (1996), Symphonic series "Night" (1997), Miniatures for piano "Jasmin petals" (1997), composition "Deniz" for 2 piano and 2 saxophone (ad lib) (1998), composition "Zargo" for organ (1998), "Sakhra" for organ (1999), Trio for Tromba, Corno, Trombone (1999). She has also composed 2 works for the theatre: first is called “Maral” by Huseyn Javid (2001), and the second is the Choral Opera “Javidi Destgakh” (2001). Both of these creations were highly praised by the Azerbaijani and foreign musicians.

Hasanova has already completed her new work for an ensemble of 8 violas and 4 contrabasses. Her well-known Solfegio Textbook was published in 2002. Many of Rahilia's scientific works have been published that same year in the Russian “Music Academy” and Azerbaijani “Shargi” and “Musigi Dunyasi” magazines.

In 2003, Rahilia completed her work on (1) the Trio for clarinet, flute, and piano called “Zerre” that was performed in November 2003 in Moscow, Russia, (2) the piano Trio for violin, viola, and piano called “Nuve” that was also performed in November 2003 in Moscow, Russia, and (3) the composition for the chamber orchestra called “Lullaby for Stars” that was performed in October, 2003 in Baku.

In November of 2004, Rahilia Hasanova's concert took place in Moscow Russia. The concert was a huge success.

In April of 2005, Rahilia also completed her work on the PhD dissertation. Her dissertation was dedicated to the interdisciplinary approach to the theory of music.

In January of 2005, Rahilia's concert took place in Cologne, Germany. Rahilia's music was received very well. The CDs from the concert were published by Gisela Gronemeyer from MusikTexte - Zeitschrift für neue Musik in Köln, Germany.

In 2006, Rahilia completed work on her new book “Theory of Music as an object of Interdisciplinary Research”. Two of Rahilia's new books were published that same year. Rahilia hosted a presentation of her books, CDs, and a concert of her latest music in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2007. All of these events were received extremely well.

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