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Wet Ink: Violin & Piano and On Structure
Thu, 03/28/13 (1135 days ago)  
From: 08:00 PM To: 09:30 PM  
Location: An die Musik Live
Wet Ink: Violin & Piano and On Structure
and Andrew Bernstein's "North American Walkabout

New York City-based Wet Ink Ensemble and On Structure present a set of adventurous new music and performance.

On Structure’s performances combine a rigorous compositional sensibility with virtuosic theatrical presentation, blurring the lines between music, theater, and audio-visual installation. Their latest composition, Twistisch, is a formal narrative of childish rituals that gets pulled apart and reassembled, while a custom designed "magical table top" illuminates and augments the minutia of a glitchy and sometimes dangerous game. Wet Ink will present Eric Wubbels’s “the children of fire come looking for fire”, a 25-minute work for amplified violin and prepared piano that combines walls of noise and extended repetition with intricate counterpoint and technical virtuosity.



Wet Ink: Violin and Piano

Joshua Modney, violin
Eric Wubbels, piano

" … the fantastic Wet Ink Ensemble combined striking stylistic and aesthetic assurance and with technical perfection." - Torsten Möller, Dissonanz (Switzerland)

“All of the works seemed not only relevant but also important to understanding the nexus between contemporary life and art." ! - Karen E. Moorman, The Online Arts Journal of North Carolina

“[Wet Ink] combined technical finesse with a palpable commitment that made these formidable works approachable.” - The New York Times

Wet Ink: Violin & Piano is a project of composer/pianist Eric Wubbels and violinist Joshua Modney, devoted to bringing the Wet Ink mission and performance aesthetic to cutting-edge works for their instruments. For more than a decade, the New York-based Wet Ink Ensemble has presented concerts featuring consistently diverse, fresh and exciting repertoire. The group has commissioned, premiered and recorded works by many of today’s most promising emerging composers, while also continually collaborating with a broad international range of highlyrenowned artists. Wet Ink most commonly performs as a septet comprised of a core group of composerperformers.

The members of the ensemble collaborate in a band-like fashion – writing, improvising and preparing pieces together over long stretches of time. However, the group also regularly functions as a large ensemble comprised of an extended network of soloists, dedicated to pushing musical boundaries.


On Structure

Natacha Diels
Jessie Marino

On Structure is a sound-centric performance duo featuring Jessie Marino and Natacha Diels. The New York based ensemble uses composed sounds to brew transferable art pieces which ravage the traditional roles of the performer, audience and space itself. Their highly virtuosic performances organize simple motions and everyday objects into tightly constructed musical forms, bringing together sonic and visual elements while tipping their hats to the realm of the absurd.


Wet Ink: “the children of fire come looking for fire”

On Structure: On Silence


Andrew Bernstein's "North American Walkabout"

Performed by

Andrew Bernstein
Christina Blomberg
Tom Boram
Max Eilbacher
Ruby Fulton
Patrick McMinn

First performed at the 2011 High Zero Festival, "North American Walkabout" is a piece for a variable chamber group of improvisors.

Andrew Bernstein is a Baltimore based composer. His music exhibits a fascination with the acoustic properties of sounds, how they are arranged in time and the effect they can have on the human mind and body. He is possessed by a minimalist drive to endlessly explore the subtleties of timbre, simple rhythmic variation, the outer reaches of human perception, and the sense of timelessness in listening to subtle variations in a long sustained tone. He uses music to quiet the mind and open it up to higher states of consciousness and divine influence.

Sonically his work is somewhat diverse, ranging from quiet solo alto saxophones improvisations and subtle electronic drones to rhythmically complex and hypnotically repetitive ensemble pieces. He often works with microtonal scales, dabbles in acoustic instrument construction, and programs custom synthesizers and performance systems.

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